This section contains various types of literature written by HUHS staff and faculty. This literature is free to download, but may not be changed from its original form. Some of the links to these articles will open as a pdf files, while other links will bring you to the magazines’ website to read the articles online.


Smart Supplement - Dietary

Smart Supplementation Series of Free Literature About Dietary Supplements
Smart Supplementation™ is a free, ongoing series over 100 pieces of evidence-based, educational literature about the value of dietary supplements. Offered as a public service, topics include:

1) Vitamins, Minerals; 2) Herbs; Other Nutraceuticals; 3) Medical Conditions and Supplements to Help; 4) Fitness and Supplements to Help



Nuticula MagazineNutricula Magazine articles by Gene Bruno, MS, MHS (Reprinted with permission of Nutricula Magazine.)

Nutricula“the Science of Longevity Journal” is an academic journal/magazine presenting research articles, scientific reviews, and both technical and non-technical opinions and commentaries written by clinicians, scientists, researchers, and skilled professionals from both industry and academia, many of whom are world-renown authors, speakers and contributors to many upscale publications.



Total Health MagazineTotal Health Magazine articles by Gene Bruno, MS, MHS (Reprinted with permission of Total Health Magazine.)
The mission of Total Health Online magazine is to advocate self-managed natural health, emphasize the importance of becoming the co-captain of your own health care team and to address the imperatives to wellness. To achieve this, Total Health Online magazine provides readers with the information and resources needed to establish and maintain optimum health as well as to potentiate their immune systems in times of crises.


Vitamin Retailer MagazineVitamin Retailer Magazine articles by Gene Bruno, MS, MHS (Reprinted with permission of Vitamin Retailer Magazine.)

Vitamin Retailer Magazineis a trail-blazing publication that provides information for professionals involved in the dietary supplement industry, such as retailers, manufacturers and ingredient suppliers. The “Supplement Science” articles from this publication included on HCHS’s website provide education on individual nutraceuticals or combinations of nutraceuticals found in dietary supplements. Generally, the articles reviews published research, enabling readers to gain a fairly comprehensive understanding of the topic.


Weight Loss ArticlesStarkie Sowers’ Articles on Weight Loss

African Mango

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Raspberry Ketones



Conference Presentations

These are presentations by HUHS staff, faculty or advisors, originally given at a conference.

Video Lecture Series