This diploma program is ideal for individuals in retail or healthcare professions who wish to expand their knowledge of herbal products, including the safe and appropriate use of such products.  This diploma gives retail salespeople who sell herbal products, or those who work in healthcare professions, a better understanding of the products they are selling or using. The Diploma in Herbal Sciences (Dip.Herb.Sc.) will provide retailers and those in the healthcare professions with a comprehensive education in the principles and practice of herbal supplement use.

The courses will help students understand the regulation, efficacy, quality, safety and applications of over 50 commonly used herbal supplements.  Additional coursework in nutrition (Macronutrients) and Medical Terminology are included to provide those without an educational background in healthcare with an appropriate context in which to understand the role that herbal supplements may play in human health.

This diploma program is not designed to prepare the student to practice herbal medicine.  However, those in the licensed healthcare professions may use their newly gained knowledge to integrate the use of herbal supplements into their practice and/or to advise patients about the appropriate use of herbal supplements.  Retailers will be able to provide better advice to consumers about the safe and appropriate use of herbal supplements.

Program Outcomes:

Upon completion of the Diploma in Herbal Science program, the completer will be able to:

  1. Discuss the regulation, efficacy, quality, safety and applications of herbal supplements.
  2. Describe the nature of many commonly used herbal products within the backdrop of traditional Chinese medicine.
  3. Explain the specific usage of the most common, botanical essential oils.
  4. Integrate the use of herbal supplements into professional practice.
  5. Advise patients and consumers about the safe and appropriate use of herbal supplements.

The Diploma in Herbal Science program consists of the following six courses:

  • HEA101 Medical Terminology (2)
  • NUT100 Macronutrients (3)
  • HER101 Introduction to Herbal Sciences (3)
  • HER103 Intro to Traditional Chinese Herbalism (3)
  • HER200 Introduction to Essential Oils (3)
  • HER201 Herbs and Body Systems (3)

Total Credits: 17
Total Tuition: $4,505*

Academic prerequisites: High School diploma or equivalent.

* Tuition does not include costs of books and materials which are purchased separately. Note that tuition and fees are subject to change. Students will be notified prior to any tuition changes.

**Please note that this is a diploma program consisting of undergraduate courses not a degree program.

Program Time Frame: Estimated time of completion: 12 months full-time; up to 24 months part-time