In order for a student to be eligible to receive a degree from Huntington University of Health Sciences, he or she must be in good academic standing at the conclusion of the final course. In order to be in good academic standing, students must have at least the following minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA):

  • 2.0 for Undergraduate Students (Diploma, Associate of Science, and Bachelor of Science degree programs)
  • 3.0 for Graduate Students (Master of Science and Doctor of Science degree programs)
  • Note: Transfer credits that have been applied to a student’s degree plan will not be included in the GPA calculation.

A student who is in good academic standing and would like to pursue graduation should verify that their academic record is complete. It is wise for the student to do a quick online audit of their record by logging into their Populi account. The student should also verify that they have met all financial obligations with the University. Students may reach the HUHS Business Office by calling 865-524-8079, ext. 1004. Financial Aid students are required to complete an online exit interview. For more details to ensure completion, students contact the Financial Aid Office by calling 865-524-8079 ext. 2.

After academic and financial standing are verified, the student should complete the HUHS Notice of Intent to Graduate.

  • Self-Paced students may submit the Notice of Intent to Graduate at any point during or after the final course of their program. The student must pay the $50 Graduation Fee when they submit the Intent to Graduate form.
  • Semester students should submit the Notice of Intent to Graduate at the start of their final module. Semester students will be invoiced for their graduation fee during their final semester. When applicable, financial aid funds can be used to cover the graduation fee invoice for Title-IV recipients. The student must pay the $50 Graduation Fee when they submit the Intent to Graduate form or any remaining balance after the application of Title IV funds, when applicable.

The fee covers the diploma in a padded diploma folder, 1 official transcript, USPS Priority Shipping, and administrative costs.

The student will receive confirmation of receipt of their Intent to Graduate form and Graduation Fee. The Office of the Registrar will have 48 hours to review the student’s Intent to Graduate form. If there are any issues, the Registrar’s office will reach out to the student. The diploma/degree will be mailed to the address specified on the Intent to Graduate form within 2-3 weeks of completing the entire graduation procedure.

If you have any questions regarding graduation, please email the Registrar’s Office at or call 865-524-8079 x1000.