Huntington University of Health Sciences

Huntington University of Health Sciences is dedicated to the memory of Samuel Huntington, who through distance education launched an illustrious career as a dedicated public servant, culminating as a signatory of the Declaration of Independence.

Samuel Huntington was born in 1731, in Windham, Connecticut, to a plain but worthy farming family.  He was one of many siblings, many of which were conferred the opportunity of a public education.  However, Samuel was the eldest son, and his father needed his assistance on the farm.  Realizing his opportunities for obtaining knowledge were extremely limited, he pursued what is today referred to as an off-campus approach.

Huntington possessed a passion for knowledge, and when released from the toils of the field, he devoted himself with great diligence to his studies.  He acquired a vast fund of knowledge on a variety of subjects, and by the time he was twenty-one years of age, his achievements fell little short of those who received a traditional college education.

Having developed a fondness for legal pursuits, Huntington set forth to replace the labors of the field for study of the law. With the aid of a respectable lawyer in a neighboring town, who furnished him with the necessary materials, he had his start. His focus and perseverance allowed him to be admitted to the Bar of Connecticut in 1754, at the age of 23.  The rest is history.

Samuel Huntington’s accomplishments include:  King’s attorney, tax collector, town-meeting moderator, justice of the peace, Norwich Connecticut; Appointed to the Superior court, 1773; Elected to provincial Upper House of Assembly, appointed to the Council of Safety, Delegate to the Continental Congress, 1776; President of the Continental Congress, 1779-81; Lieutenant Governor & Chief judge of Superior Court of Connecticut, 1784-86; Governor of Connecticut, 1786, and was re-elected every term until his death in 1796.

In the spirit of Samuel Huntington, this institution is dedicated to the highest standard of distance education.  I speak for myself, my fellow administrators, and faculty, when I say that Distance Learning Programs have enriched each of our lives.  We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and making your experience with Huntington University of Health Sciences a positive one.

Dr. Arthur M. Presser
President – Huntington University of Health Sciences