Semester Based: School of Health and Human Nutrition

HUHS operates on a Standard Academic Year (SAY), which includes the Fall and Spring semesters with an optional Summer session. Each standard 16-week semester consists of two 8-week modules and the optional Summer session consists of a single 8-week session. Students wishing to attend full-time are required to enroll in at least 12 credit hours per semester typically consisting of 6 credit hours per 8-week module. Although the optional summer session is a shorter duration, full-time status for this session also requires enrollment in at least 12 credit hours.

Self-Paced: School of Integrative Nutrition and Healthcare

The self-paced track offers the convenience of rolling enrollment, so you can sign up and take classes year-round without having to wait for formal semester start and ends dates. Each course is 16-weeks long but is designed to be completed within 8-weeks. This means that all course documents will be made available on the student’s official start date, and students have the benefit of working at their own pace. General academic terms for academic record keeping are:

Spring Term: January1 – June 30                       Fall Term: July 1 – December 31


Self-Paced programs are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid.