Accredited Online Nutrition Programs, Courses, Diplomas and Degrees

Founded in 1985 to meet the tremendous demand for credible distance learning programs in nutrition, Huntington University of Health Sciences continues to enrich lives by offering convenient, affordable and accredited online education programs in integrative nutrition and health science, optimizing the professional and personal potential of our students.

HUHS Alumni Testimonials

"This online program was so nice as I was able to work full-time, raise my family and go to school full-time. If the classes were more than 2 at a time, this would not have been possible. I did not think in a million years that I would be able to complete my Associate's Degree yet with how the online program is set up, it was possible to make my dreams come true. By doing full-time college, I learned how to manage my time better…

Jennifer J.

"When I decided to return to school for my degree I was nervous because I had not been in school since 2000, I knew that getting my degree was something I wanted and needed to do, but I still had doubts. Once I had made the decision to return to school and took the steps to enrolling in classes, I was so glad I did. Huntington University of Health Sciences is an excellent long distance learning university for people, like myself, who do not have…

Amaryllis F.

"I really enjoyed my time with HUHS and learned more than I had ever expected. I really liked the fact that I learned both the traditional view of nutrition as well as the alternative view of nutrition. I believe that was important for me in developing a more well-rounded view of proper nutrition. Several of the courses were very challenging and forced me to stretch my skills. Doing an online degree always taught me how to organize my time and take personal responsibility for my…

Adrienne N.

"I have been a student at Huntington and received my B.S. degree in 2018. The classes are very challenging more so than other colleges but there is so much to learn on what kind of healthy organic foods to consume and so much more. The professors are very knowledgeable and always offer help if there are any questions. HCHS is a wonderful college to learn about holistic nutrition. Having self paced classes makes completing college so much easier when you are an older student coming…

Pamela H.


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