I have been a student in the Doctorate Program and have nothing but accolades for the entire staff of Huntington College.  Each of my professors have been extremely knowledgeable in their area of expertise.  I have already learned a plethora of information from them.  The staff in the office are expedient and assist in any way possible.  Everyone seems dedicated to helping your with your educational goals.
Carly Newbold
DS, 2018

I have been a student at Huntington and received my B.S. degree in 2018. The classes are very challenging more so than other colleges but there is so much to learn on what kind of healthy organic foods to consume and so much more. The professors are very knowledgeable and always offer help if there are any questions. HCHS is a wonderful college to learn about holistic nutrition. Having self paced classes makes completing college so much easier when you are an older student coming back to school. Brittany is the go to person for most every thing at HCHS and she is always happy to help in any way she can. Any time I had a question any of the staff were always happy and excited to talk to me.

Pamela Hislop
BS, 2018

HCHS is an amazing college. The Nutrition program is an excellent program. The program gives you very important information regarding the quality of food we should eat, and the type of food we should avoid. I have learned how many untreatable diseases could be improved by following the right type of food and lifestyle. I strongly recommend HCHS program for professional people to enrich their knowledge and to add more information to help people in their health field.
Rasha Kazkaz
MS, 2016

Doing my Masters in Nutrition at HCHS gave me the opportunity to attain the tools I needed for my professional career as a Nutritionist. I was able to work at my pace and enjoyed the process of learning about Nutrition in a way that was applicable to my everyday life. After completed this program I can say that I am a better professional, a healthier person, and have a healthier family.
Angelica Archila
MS, 2016

The courses are challenging, as they should be. The instructors are helpful and nice. The ease of doing the homework for these courses on your own time makes things so much easier instead of making time to “go to class”. I can do homework at night if I want to, on lunch break, or whenever I get time. I enjoyed my time at HCHS!
Kristy Nadeau
BS, 2016

 From the Fall of 2013 to the Fall of 2015, I attended Huntington College of Health Sciences and graduated with my Associate of Science Degree in Applied Nutrition. While online learning is not without challenges, I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to study at this university. I learned from many talented faculty members who are currently working in their fields, and I was encouraged to explore the holistic perspective. Additionally, not only were my writing and research skills honed, but also my interpersonal skills. Even though I completed much of my education from home, I did have the opportunity to conduct my own nutrition counseling sessions, attend nutrition-based support groups, and even interview an organic farmer! As I continue my education by becoming a certified personal trainer and a certified health coach, I am grateful to Huntington College of Health Sciences for being the springboard that has helped me reach my career goals.
Hannah Ewing
AS, 2015

 Huntington College of Health Sciences is a great distance learning college! For the past 3 years they have been very helpful with the entire process while I was earning my Master’s degree. The payment plans they offered made it a lot easier for me to pay my way through graduate school, which I appreciated since I was already working full-time with one job and per diem at a second job. The instructors offered plenty of feedback and were quick to respond to your needs. I enjoyed learning from the professors even though it was distance learning, it was the same challenge you would receive in a normal classroom setting. I am happy that I chose HCHS to continue my studies and I highly recommend checking out their programs that they offer.
Jenny Tagg
MS, 2015

 A great and rewarding experience. It was challenging and tough to balance work andstudy, however Huntington was very accommodating and the program was flexible enough to allow me to work and complete the M.S. in Nutrition degree. I highly recommend the program and school for working professionals who wish to further their careers.”
Clifton Bethel
MS, 2014

 Huntington Health Sciences offers an excellent way to get an education. I had the flexibility to raise my family and continue to live my life as I needed to while getting an education. During the course of my education, I had many challenges that the faculty and staff helped me overcome while continuing to pursue my education. I use my knowledge during each and every work day, and have new opportunities become available because of this degree.”
Alice Grimsen
AS, 2014

 I have a full time job working 45+ hours per week, and a young child and husband at home. On site learning was not an option for me. I combed the internet for days trying to find a program that met my criteria; a quality education that was affordable and accredited! I wanted to ensure that the credit I accumulated would open up a path for continuing my education. I started with the Diploma in Comprehensive Nutrition at Huntington College of Health Sciences. I was so excited to learn that all the credits could be applied toward an Associate of Sciences Degree or a Bachelor of Health Science Degree in Nutrition at HCHS. I have a wonderful career in the Nutrition field and still refer to the textbooks and handouts from my diploma program. The Staff at Huntington College of Health Sciences was so supportive and continue to be. I would not trade this experience for anything. The knowledge I gained in these courses really helped to form me as a professional and prepare me for my career in Nutrition.”
Champane Frias
Dip. CN, 2013

 My experience overall at Huntington College of Health Sciences was a positive one. I did a thorough search for an online degree program before applying to Huntington College of Health Sciences, even as far as enrolling in another institution, before realizing that HCHS was the place for me. I was able to obtain my Bachelors of Health Science in Nutrition in 3 years, while maintaining a full-time job, running a home, and dealing with the antics of a teenager. The staff at HCHS was very helpful during my journey; I easily formed a personal connections with many of the professors and office staff. Obtaining this degree from Huntington College of Health Sciences allowed methe opportunity to advance in my workplace and to attain my professional goals. I would highly recommend Huntington College of Health Sciences to anyone looking for higher education with the opportunity to work at their own pace in a supportive environment that truly wants you to succeed.”
Jennifer Jeffers
BHS, 2013