This online program was so nice as I was able to work fulltime, raise my family and go to school fulltime. If the classes were more than 2 at a time, this would not have been possible. I did not think in a million years that I would be able to complete my Associate’s Degree yet with how the online program is set up, it was possible to make my dreams come true. By doing fulltime college, I learned how to manage my time better than I had in the past. The classes were great and I learned more than I expected.
Jennifer J.
AS, 2021

Huntington helped reach my goals in obtaining a Bachelors degree in Nutrition.The classes were excellent and different compared to others. They focus on the body and how it works and what fuel (food/ vitamins/ minerals) do for the body. It was a great knowledgeable program and Ive gained so much from these courses.
Lauren W.
BS, 2020

I really enjoyed my time with HUHS and learned more than I had ever expected. I really liked the fact that I learned both the traditional view of nutrition as well as the alternative view of nutrition. I believe that was important for me in developing a more well-rounded view of proper nutrition. Several of the courses were very challenging and forced me to stretch my skills. Doing an online degree always taught me how to organize my time and take personal responsibility for my learning. I am very pleased overall with the experience and it will have a positive impact on my career growth.
Adrienne N.
BS, 2020

When I decided to return to school for my degree I was nervous because I had not been in school since 2000, I knew that getting my degree was something I wanted and needed to do, but I still had doubts. Once I had made the decision to return to school and took the steps to enrolling in classes, I was so glad I did. Huntington University of Health Sciences is an excellent long distance learning university for people, like myself, who do not have the time nor the means to go to a “sit in” class. Over the time of my studies, I have had several conversations with different faculty members, and they have always been very kind and helpful. The professors are excellent and know the subjects that they teach, and even though they are not available in person, they respond via email. Going back to school and earning my Associate’s degree has been great experience for me. It has been a challenge that tapped in to my motivation and determination (even when I didn’t have it) and a life goal that I have earned. I am looking for my next challenge/goal and that is my Bachelor’s degree and I will be doing it here at HUHS.
Amaryllis F.
AS, 2020

The knowledge base and skill set that I obtained from the Huntington University of Health Sciences are very relevant in today’s health field. The information, subject material, and professors provided a solid base of education and applicability in the workforce. I look forward to working on a Master’s degree!
Jason R.
BS, 2019

HUHS is an excellent school to learn about conventional as well as alternative ways to combat chronic health conditions focusing on diet and lifestyle modifications. I hope to continue my studies at HUHS in the future.
Sela S.
BS, 2019

Huntington University of Health Sciences was the best choice in my pursuit of an education focused on nutrition. Just a few weeks after earning my degree I am working as a counselor. The coursework was well-organized, challenging, and encouraged me to explore different perspectives of any given topic. The professors were always available to help guide me, and provided useful feedback on all assignments. I am beyond grateful for the knowledge I have gained!
Michelle B.
AS, 2019

I am grateful for my studies through Huntington. I was able to learn a lot and voice my opinions regularly on many various subjects that almost always related to my life in one way or another while learning tremendously through books and research for the different assignments I had. I was able to learn about many different subjects related to nutrition that I will carry with me in my professional entrepreneurial career.
Melanie B.
BS, 2019

I have been employed in the dietary supplement industry for over 40 years, and these courses improved both my knowledge and appreciation of this field of work.
Gregory P.
DSS, 2019

I enjoyed the flexibility of this degree, as I could complete assignments at my own pace. The coursework was challenging and made me think outside of my formal training as a nurse implementing treatment for disease.
Cynthia D.
MS, 2019

I found Huntington University of Health sciences (HUHS) to exceed my expectations. I was not sure about distance learning but I was astounded at how informative and challenging the courses were as well as the integrity and knowledge of the teachers. It is exciting to see HUHS offer such informative distance learning due to the relevance regarding the current health crisis plaguing the US surrounding Diabetes, Heart Disease and the Obesity epidemic. Nutritional knowledge is the key to battling these diseases.
Maryanne P.
CN, 2019

I appreciated how helpful and professional all the staff and instructors have been throughout my degree program. This self-paced degree program was an excellent way for currently working professionals to increase their knowledge base and earn a Master’s degree. I also was grateful to see an Integrative option, and love how encompassing the courses and assignments were. I feel that I have a high level of understanding in almost all areas related to nutrition and health.
Richard B.
MS, 2019

 I have been a student in the Doctorate Program and have nothing but accolades for the entire staff of Huntington College.  Each of my professors have been extremely knowledgeable in their area of expertise.  I have already learned a plethora of information from them.  The staff in the office are expedient and assist in any way possible.  Everyone seems dedicated to helping your with your educational goals.
Carly N.
DS, 2018

 I have been a student at Huntington and received my B.S. degree in 2018. The classes are very challenging more so than other colleges but there is so much to learn on what kind of healthy organic foods to consume and so much more. The professors are very knowledgeable and always offer help if there are any questions. HCHS is a wonderful college to learn about holistic nutrition. Having self paced classes makes completing college so much easier when you are an older student coming back to school. Brittany is the go to person for most every thing at HCHS and she is always happy to help in any way she can. Any time I had a question any of the staff were always happy and excited to talk to me.
Pamela H.
BS, 2018

I love the courses I have taken at HCHS (now Huntington University of Health Sciences) and have learned much of value that I use every day in my work as a Nutritional Consultant.
I especially love comparing current research with the body of knowledge accepted as facts in our society – especially when that accepted info doesn’t measure up to the research or the results I see in my practice.This is invaluable to help our body of knowledge as a society progress; as well as to educate us to help others gain their best level of health possible.Thank you for what you do! I am proud to be an alumni and believe HUHS is setting the bar for education in nutrition and health sciences
Cynthia C.
DSS, 2018

My knowledge of nutrition has vastly grown as a result of my studies at Huntington. I feel significantly more confident in my job as a nutritionist now and therefore enjoy my work more.
The online format worked very well for me because I work full time – it allowed me to do my school work during off hours and at a pace that did not interfere with my work requirements.
Thank you for offering a great program!
Saskia K.
AS, 2018

I learned a lot more than I expected, the teachers and knowledgable, friendly and motivating in their comments and suggestions, and the staff are all friendly and helpful. I can thoroughly recommend HCHS, and am looking forward to starting my next course here very soon!
Ayda E.
CN, 2017

HUHS is an amazing college. The Nutrition program is an excellent program. The program gives you very important information regarding the quality of food we should eat, and the type of food we should avoid. I have learned how many untreatable diseases could be improved by following the right type of food and lifestyle. I strongly recommend HUHS program for professional people to enrich their knowledge and to add more information to help people in their health field.
Rasha K.
MS, 2016

Doing my Masters in Nutrition at HCHS gave me the opportunity to attain the tools I needed for my professional career as a Nutritionist. I was able to work at my pace and enjoyed the process of learning about Nutrition in a way that was applicable to my everyday life. After completed this program I can say that I am a better professional, a healthier person, and have a healthier family.
Angelica A.
MS, 2016

The courses are challenging, as they should be. The instructors are helpful and nice. The ease of doing the homework for these courses on your own time makes things so much easier instead of making time to “go to class”. I can do homework at night if I want to, on lunch break, or whenever I get time. I enjoyed my time at HCHS!
Kristy N.
BS, 2016