Huntington University of Health Sciences offers the following individual certificate short-course as an alternative to conventional college credit courses. The certificate short-course is shorter, more condensed and is given without the award of college credit. The course will be graded on a pass/no pass basis. A Certificate of Completion is awarded upon successful completion.

This course is intended to provide basic and specialized knowledge to individuals within the nutritional/natural products field (retail, fitness or clinical setting) in order to enhance their knowledge and credibility. It is also well suited for those who seek to further their own personal knowledge in nutrition in order to help family and friends.

Students will be assisted through their studies with a course study guide. This guide will help students organize, plan and focus their studies in order to maximize learning from the course materials. On average, a student studying five hours a week should be able to complete a course in five weeks.

Vitamins, Minerals & Nutraceuticals
If you sell or use dietary supplements, you should take the Certificate Short-Course: Vitamins, Minerals & Nutraceuticals. Developed by the same educator who won the Nutrition Business Journal’s 2005 Business Achievement award for Training and Education, this short course (taken by correspondence, no live classes required) will not only make a scientifically valid case for taking dietary supplements, but will also teach you all about Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty Acids, Food Extracts, Carotenoids, Amino Acids & Peptides, Fibers, Pectins & Sterols, Vitamin Relatives and Miscellaneous Nutraceuticals. In addition, it will teach you about the legal aspects of making dietary supplement recommendations. What’s more, when you’ve finished the short-course you’ll receive a certificate of completion.

ALL INCLUSIVE COST: $99 – Non-Refundable