This diploma program is ideal for those whose profession currently involves the use or sales of dietary supplements, or for those planning on entering such a profession. This academic program provides a comprehensive education in dietary supplement science, including the safety, efficacy and research associated with the supplemental use of vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals and herbs. In addition, foundational courses in nutrition and biology provide a solid background for understanding the context in which dietary supplements can play a positive role in human health. Completion of this program earns one a globally respected Diploma in Dietary Supplement Science (Dip.D.S.S.).

The 6-course Dip.D.S.S. program is designed to provide a thorough and in-depth education in dietary supplement science. You will often be required to analyze and critique the differing views of respected authorities. It is this process of analysis that will prepare you for a career in providing excellent dietary supplement guidance in clinical, retail or other professional settings.

Program Outcomes:

Upon completion of the Diploma in Dietary Supplement Science program, the completer will be able to:

  1. Select appropriate dietary supplements for clients.
  2. Analyze and evaluate information from traditional and herbal perspectives.
  3. Provide dietary supplement guidance to clients in a variety of settings.
  4. Recommend botanicals herbal supplements based upon regulatory and safety standards.
  5. Examine research-based evidence for the use of nutraceuticals to promote healthy living and prevent disease.

The Diploma in Dietary Supplement Science program consists of the following six courses:

  • BIO210 Human Biology (3)
  • HER101 Introduction to Herbal Sciences (3)
  • HER200 Introduction to Essential Oils (3)
  • NUT100 Macronutrients (3)
  • NUT105 Micronutrients (3)
  • NUT302 Introduction to Nutraceuticals (3)

Total Credits: 18
Total Tuition: $4,770*

Academic prerequisites: High School diploma or equivalent.

In addition, NUT101 is the prerequisite for NUT301 and NUT302.

* Tuition does not include costs of books and materials which are purchased separately. Note that tuition and fees are subject to change. Students will be notified prior to any tuition changes.
** Please note that this is a diploma program consisting of undergraduate courses not a degree program.

Program information

Diploma in Dietary Supplement Science

According to Gene Bruno, Provost at Huntington University of Health Sciences, “I always believed that the world of nutrition education needed an academic program in dietary supplement science, and I was now in a position to spearhead the effort to create one. To this end, I assembled a group of nutritionists, pharmacists, herbalists, biologists and dietary supplement experts to design the curriculum for a Diploma in Dietary Supplement Science (Dip.D.S.S.). It took a few years to develop and was quite a task, but in January of 2008 HUHS launched the world’s first accredited program in dietary supplement science.”