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This diploma program is ideal for those who would like to specialize in sports nutrition, while obtaining a comprehensive education in the importance of nutrition and diet in promoting health and wellness. This program should be considered for those who would like to understand the relevance of alternative and complementary views of nutrition, including current research on the value of dietary supplements in sports. Consider this curriculum if you would like to help patients, clients or consumers adopt better nutrition practices with a focus on sports nutrition. Completion of this program earns one a globally respected Diploma in Sports Nutrition (Dip.S.N.).

The 6-course Dip.S.N. program is designed to provide a thorough and in-depth nutrition education with a focus on sports nutrition, as well as provide exposure to scientifically sound alternate views. You will often be required to analyze and critique the differing views of respected authorities. It is this process of analysis that will prepare you for a career in providing excellent sports nutrition guidance in clinical, retail or other professional settings.

Program Outcomes:

Upon completion of the Diploma in Sports Nutrition program, the completer will be able to:

  1. Assess the effects of different types of exercise on the human body.
  2. Critically analyze traditional and alternative resources regarding nutrition and supplements used in sports.
  3. Evaluate the effects of nutritional supplements and ergogenic aids on athletic performance.
  4. Advise clients who exercise about nutritional supplements.
  5. Encourage clients to adopt healthy lifestyles based upon sound nutrition principles.

The Diploma in Sports Nutrition program consists of the following six courses:

  • BIO230 Anatomy and Physiology 1  (3)
  • BIO231 Anatomy and Physiology 2  (3)
  • EXE320 Exercise Physiology (3)
  • NUT101 Understanding Nutrition I (3)
  • NUT201 Understanding Nutrition II (3)
  • NUT220 Sports Nutrition (3)

Total Credits: 18

Academic prerequisites: High School diploma or equivalent.

*Please note that this is a diploma program consisting of undergraduate courses, not a degree program.

Sports Nutrition Specialist
Graduates of HUHS‘s Diploma in Sports Nutrition (Dip.S.N.) program are eligible to take the International Society of Sports Nutrition’s (ISSN) national board exam for Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS). ISSN also recommends other study materials in preparation for taking the exam (