Vitamin Retailer Magazine 

Vitamin Retailer Magazine is a trail-blazing publication thatprovides information for professionals involved in the dietary supplement industry, such as retailers, manufacturers and ingredient suppliers. The “SupplementScience” articles from this publication included on HCHS’s website provide education on individual nutraceuticals or combinations of nutraceuticals found in dietary supplements. Generally, the articles reviews published research, enabling readers to gain a fairly comprehensive understanding of the topic.

Vitamin Retailer Magazine articles by Gene Bruno, MS, MHS (Reprinted with permission of Vitamin Retailer Magazine.)

This section contains various types of literature written by HUHS staff and faculty. This literature is free to download, but may not be changed from its original form. Some of the links to these articles will open as a pdf files, while other links will bring you to the magazines’ website to read the articles online.