Test Outs are available to students who are able to demonstrate proficiency in the course learning outcomes through education or experience, but may be ineligible for transfer of credit.

Test Outs consist of the final exam for the current course and require the exam to be proctored. In courses that culminate in a final paper, the test out comparable information.

Apply for a challenge exam online here.

Students may request the Course Description, Learning Outcomes, and detailed Course Outline before attempting the exam. Students should also ensure they obtain copies of current editions of required texts to prepare for the exam if needed.

The passing score for challenge exams is 70%, or “C” grade, for undergraduate courses and 80%, or “B” grade for graduate courses.

If the student fails the exam $100 for undergraduate and $200 for graduate will be applied toward the tuition. HUHS also accepts the
recommendations of the American Council on Education College Credit Recommendation Service as listed in The Guide to Educational Credit by Examination.These include Advanced Placement Examinations, College Level Examination Program General Examinations (CLEP), and ACT
PEP: Regents College Examinations. Semester hours of credit toward graduation earned on the basis of these tests are granted with a grade of P
(Pass), and neither raises nor lowers a student’s grade point average