Students may dispute a grade if they disagree with an instructor’s assessment of their performance. To dispute a final grade received in a course, students should contact their instructor with the basis of their dispute. A grade dispute will be considered only if there is evidence of any of the following:

  • The grade was incorrectly calculated
  • Unaccountable conduct on the part of the instructor
  • Clerical error in recording the grade (i.e., the instructor communicated a grade different than the one received)

If a student is unable to resolve a disputed grade with his or her instructor or if the student no longer has access to his or her course, the student must contact the Administrative Office. The Dean has authority to attempt to resolve the dispute or can escalate the dispute to the Academic Standards Committee. This form must be received within two weeks of the end of the course to be considered. The Academic Standards Committee may conduct an independent review of student work contributing to the disputed grade and will make a decision on the grade. The Dean will reply directly to the student and instructor by email or in writing and will update the student’s academic record with the appeal decision.

Please be aware that a grade appeal does not guarantee a higher grade. The disputed grade may be maintained, raised, or lowered as a result of a review.