Huntington University of Health Sciences will ensure that student complaints are heard and properly tracked through a uniform process outlined by this policy. This process will be used by the University faculty, staff, and students to accept and process student complaints.



To make a complaint, the procedure is an informal discussion of an issue and possible resolution.

Level 1: A complaint must be directed as soon as possible to the person or persons whose actions or inactions have raised concerns. Every effort should be made to resolve the problem promptly and fairly. If no resolution is reached between parties involved, the student may move to Level 2.

Level 2: The student shall process the complaint in a timely manner through the appropriate academic or administrative office.

  • Academic complaints (grades, program requirements, assessment, faculty concerns, Moodle course content issues, etc.) are to be addressed to the appropriate academic dean.
  • Student Service complaints (tuition, Moodle technical issues, Admissions, Registration, etc.) are to be addressed to the Director of Administration: Amy Stewart at or at 865-524-8079, Ext. 4.

If the complaint is not resolved within one week, the student shall then proceed to the written grievance procedure.

Grievance Procedure:

Students who have moved through Levels 1 and 2 of the complaint procedure without a resolution, may file a written grievance with the Provost at or 865-524-8079 Ext. 7.

  • After investigation and ascertaining that the complaint procedure, Levels 1 and 2, has been exhausted, the Provost will refer the grievance to the University’s Grievance Committee to address the problem. Members of the Grievance Committee are as follows: Provost; Vice President, Administration and Academic Affairs; the appropriate dean; and the University President.
  • The grievance will be reviewed at a hearing within ten (10) business days of receiving the grievance. The hearing will take place by conference call or internet conferencing.
  • The complainant and defendant shall be allowed to speak at appointed times.
  • The Grievance Committee will review all relevant facts presented by both parties and will issue a written majority decision on its findings to the complainant and defendant.
  • The decision of the Grievance Committee is final.

If the complaint cannot be resolved after exhausting Huntington University of Health Sciences’ grievance procedure the student may file a complaint with:

 Distance Education Accrediting Commission

Address:  1101 17th Street NW, Suite 808, Washington, D.C. 20036

Telephone:  202-234-5100;

In compliance with the U.S. Department of Education, under the provisions of Section 668.43(b), Huntington University of Health Sciences provides its enrolled or prospective students with contact information for filing complaints with the relevant state official agency that would handle a student’s complaint, regardless of whether the state regulates the institution. See the State Authorization section on the website for information concerning individual states.

Complaint Resolution Policies and Procedures for Tennessee Residents

Complainants not satisfied with the outcome of the Institution’s internal process may appeal, within two years of the incident about which the complaint is made, to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

Complaint Resolution Policies and Procedures for California Residents

Complainants not satisfied with the outcome of the Institution’s internal process may appeal, within two years of the incident about which the complaint is made, to the California Bureau of Private Post secondary Education.

Complaint Resolution Policies and Procedures for Non-Tennessee Resident Students in State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement States, commonly known as SARA.

Student complaints relating to consumer protection laws that involve distance learning education offered under the terms and conditions of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA), must first be filed with the institution to seek resolution.

For purposes of this process, a complaint shall be defined as a formal assertion in writing that the terms of SARA or the laws, standards or regulations incorporated by the NC-SARA Policies and Standards have been violated by the institution operating under the terms of SARA.

For a list of SARA member States, please visit the NC-SARA website. Students residing in non-SARA states should consult their respective State of residence for further instruction for filing a complaint.