Track A-School of Health and Human Nutrition (Financial Aid approved)

Huntington University of Health Sciences operates on a Standard Academic Year, which includes a Fall and Spring semester with an optional Summer session. Each semester consists of two 8-week modules and financial aid is disbursed accordingly per module. The optional Summer session consists of one 8-week module. Most students will take 2 classes each 8-week module. The Summer term is only one 8-week module. Students will take 1 or 2 classes during this time.

The dates for Semester System is as followed:

2022-2023 Standard Academic Year

Fall 2022

Application Deadline: 7/22/22

Admission’s Requirements: 7/29/22

Registration Deadline: 8/5/22

Module 1:

Start Date: 8/15/22

Add/Drop Date: 8/17/22

Attendance Check: 8/22/22

End Date: 10/9/22

Module 2:

Start Date: 10/17/22

Add/Drop Date: 10/19/22

Attendance Check: 10/24/22

End Date: 12/11/22

Spring 2023

Application Deadline: 12/16/22

Admission’s Requirements: 12/22/22

Registration Deadline: 12/30/22

Module 1:

Start Date: 1/16/23

Add/Drop Date: 1/18/23

Attendance Check: 1/23/23

End Date: 3/12/23

Module 2:

Start Date: 3/20/23

Add/Drop Date: 3/22/23

Attendance Check: 3/27/23

End Date: 5/14/23

Optional Summer Session 2023

Registration Deadline: 5/19/23

Module 1:

Start Date: 6/5/23

Add/Drop Date: 6/7/23

Attendance Check: 6/12/23

End Date: 7/30/23