An Integrative Approach to Nutrition & Health Sciences

For over 33 years, Huntington University of Health Sciences has offered more than a conventional education.  Our accredited, distance learning degree and diploma programs include the breadth of responsible complementary and alternative medicine viewpoints, providing our students with an integrative approach to nutrition and the health sciences.

Our Tuition is Lower

The cost of attending many private 4-year colleges and universities was over $30,000 per year (the national average in 2017-2018 is $34,740 per academic year). Our undergraduate tuition, on average, is about one-fifth of that amount. The per course undergraduate rate for students enrolled in a diploma or degree program is $265 a credit hour.  The per course graduate rate for students enrolled in a master degree program is $400 a credit hour. The per course doctorate rate for students is $450 a credit hour.