If Huntington University of Health Sciences is notified of cancellation within five (5) days after signing an course registration, an applicant requesting cancellation in whatever manner (preferably in writing) within this time will receive a full refund of all monies paid to Huntington University of Health Sciences. This refund will be paid within thirty (30) business days of the notification.

From five (5) calendar days after midnight on the day on which the enrollment agreement is accepted, the student is entitled to a full refund. After five calendar days but prior to the beginning of a course or program the student is entitled to a refund of all monies paid minus the application fee and enrollment fee.

When a student cancels enrollment the institution may retain a percentage of tuition paid by the student in accordance with the following refund schedule based on a 16 week course:

% returned to student AFTER

1st week    80%
2nd week   70%
3rd week    60%
4th week    50%
5th week    40%
6th week   30%
7th week   20%
8th week   10%
9th week     0%

The withdrawal calculation date is when the student notifies the University.

The costs for optional services, such as expedited shipment, are not subject to refund after the five (5) calendar day student-right-to cancel enrollment.

Sample Refund Calculation Based on 16 week course time frame:


Stated Tuition: $265 per credit; 3 credit course=$795.00

Program Enrollment Fee: $200

The student enrolled in one 3-credit hour course.

Tuition Paid: $995

The student has requested to withdraw middle of 2nd week.


Refundable to Student: $636.00 ($795 tuition x 80%)

Institution retains: $359.00 ($995 paid minus $636 refund) 20% tuition and $200 enrollment fee