CHE101 General Chemistry                                               

3 semester hour credits

This course includes application of chemistry to nutrition; matter, measurements, and calculations; atoms and molecules; electronic and nuclear characteristics; forces between particles; nutrition related chemical reactions; the states of matter; acids, bases, and salts.

NUT222 Community Nutrition

3 semester hour credits

The role of nutrition in public health; educational foundation for nutrition entrepreneurs; the art and science of policy-making; planning and managing public nutrition programs; understanding and influencing consumer behavior; food assistance programs; nutrition assessment of all age groups; case studies; community learning activities.

NUT301 Vitamins and Minerals                                                  

3 semester hour credits 

(Prerequisite: Understanding Nutrition I)

This course presents a comprehensive review about each vitamin and mineral with regard to function, deficiency, disease prevention, disease treatment, sources and safety.  Information presented will help student gain an understanding of the value of dietary supplements in helping to meet nutritional needs of Americans, and the specific supplements that may help to do so.