BIO210 Human Biology               

3 semester hour credits                          

An introduction to human biology; the principles of chemistry; chromosomes, cells and genes; nutrition and digestion; function of the circulatory, nervous endocrine, urinary and immune systems; reproduction, development and aging; principles of heredity; environmental issues; case studies.

NUT401 Nutrition Counseling Skills                                  

3 semester hour credits

(Prerequisite: Basic Nutrition course)

The psychology of nutrition counseling; evaluating and understanding the client’s attitude; how to illustrate the importance of good nutrition principles; interpreting the counseling session; how to identify and express your feelings toward the client; identifying inappropriate eating behaviors; recognizing dietary misconceptions; interpreting the results of nutrition research; making diet recommendations; applying appropriate strategies to specific problems; evaluating progress and spotting potential failure; utilizing proper counseling techniques; how to use client data forms in counseling; case studies.