NUT525 Integrative Nutrition
4 semester hour credits 

The foundations of integrative nutrition and dietary recommendations are explored from a scientific perspective. The structure of nutrients, related metabolic processes, energy balance, and requirements throughout the life cycle are explored. The effects of food processing and bioavailability are evaluated. Applications from current literature on broad-spectrum nutrition are made based on specific human nutritional needs.

NUT540 Clinical Nutrition                                                          

3 semester hour credits 

This course explores the role of medical nutrition therapy in maintenance of health and treatment of symptoms associated with diet-related diseases. It includes application and integration of basic nutrition principles and assessment.

NUT576 Food and Culture                                                     

3 semester hour credits

This course is an in-depth study of dietary habits and behaviors of different cultures with specific focus on vegetarian nutrition. It explores factors that influence food selection, the effects of food habits, and the nutritional status and problems unique to specific ethnic groups.

NUT630 Capstone Project                                                

3 semester hour credits

The capstone project allows students to conduct an applied research project. Students are encouraged to select work-related projects that are of particular interest to them and that will result in professional growth and benefit the organization.