CAP500 Capstone Project
3 semester hour credits
(Prerequisite: All other courses in the B.S. in Nutrition or B.S.I.N. program)

Capstone Project is the culminating experience of the B.S. in Nutrition or B.S. in Integrative Nutrition degree program. This course allows students to conduct an in-depth exploration of a topic of professional interest through the completion of a required research paper. Students are encouraged to select a topic for a formidable project that will result in deeper professional knowledge and expertise for career advancement in nutrition.

COM101 Public Speaking
3 semester hour credits

This course covers the process of preparing and delivering a speech—whether selecting a topic and refining a speech’s purpose, integrating supporting materials into an outline, or developing a confident speaker voice. COM101 prepares speakers to communicate effectively within a number of speech styles and scenarios: informative, persuasive, special occasion, small group, and conferences. Additionally, Public Speaking teaches students to listen effectively to their audiences and with the ability to respond to questions and comments in an appropriate manner.

ENG101 English Composition I
3 semester hour credits

English Composition I covers principles of good writing with attention to grammar, sentence construction, punctuation, diction, mechanics, and the major forms of discourse. Compositions, parallel readings, and a short, documented essay are required.

HUM200 American Character
3 semester hour credits
(Prerequisite: English Composition)

This course examines what it has meant, and what it means today, to be an American. Elements of cultural diversity as well as things that unite us as Americans will be explored. Three themes vitally important to understanding our American culture: consumption, gender, and race will be the focus of this course.

PSY101 Psychology
3 semester hour credits

The brain, biology and behavior; sensation and reality; memory, intelligence and creativity; conditions and learning; motivation and emotion; health, stress and coping; abnormal psychology; gender, sexuality, social behavior and human relations.