BIO210 Human Biology               

3 Semester Hour Credits                          

An introduction to Human Biology; the principles of chemistry; chromosomes, cells and genes; nutrition and digestion; function of the circulatory, nervous endocrine, urinary and immune systems; reproduction, development and aging; principles of heredity; environmental issues; case studies.

HEA201 Environmental Challenges and Solutions          

3 Semester Hour Credits

Scope and severity of environmentally triggered illnesses; a comprehensive view of the little-known effects that common pesticides and toxic chemicals have on our health; an in-depth picture of chemical sensitivities and how to recognize them; proper chemical questionnaires; understanding environmental illness how to stay well in a polluted environment; the use and effects of pesticides in our food supply and what to do about it; designing a lifestyle that will protect children from common household toxic chemicals; alternative to unsafe cleaning supplies; case studies.

NUT102 Vegetarian Nutrition

3 semester hour credits

A comprehensive overview of the scientific literature addressing the health status (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.) and health needs of vegetarians; the basics on beginning a vegetarian lifestyle; review of various vegetarian diets including lacto-ovo, vegan and macrobiotic; risks of a non-vegetarian diet; how vegetarian diets affect nutritional requirements; supplementation for vegetarians; plant food sources of all essential nutrients; meal-planning guidelines for vegetarians throughout the lifecycle and for diabetics, athletes, and those with weight problems; vegetarian guidelines for food preparation and use of grains, legumes, and soy products; practical applications for counseling vegetarians.

NUT301 Vitamins & Minerals                                                  

3 semester hour credits 

(Prerequisite: Understanding Nutrition I)

This course presents a comprehensive review about each vitamin and mineral with regard to function, deficiency, disease prevention, disease treatment, sources and safety.  Information presented will help student gain an understanding of the value of dietary supplements in helping to meet nutritional needs of Americans, and the specific supplements that may help to do so.

NUT401 Nutrition Counseling Skills                                  

3 semester hour credits

(Prerequisite: Basic Nutrition course)

The psychology of nutrition counseling; evaluating and understanding the client’s attitude; how to illustrate the importance of good nutrition principles; interpreting the counseling session; how to identify and express your feelings toward the client; identifying inappropriate eating behaviors; recognizing dietary misconceptions; interpreting the results of nutrition research; making diet recommendations; applying appropriate strategies to specific problems; evaluating progress and spotting potential failure; utilizing proper counseling techniques; how to use client data forms in counseling; case studies.

NUT402 Clinical Nutrition                                     

3 semester hour credits

Study of nutrients and how the body handles them based on principles of chemistry and molecular biology; the effect of nutrition choices on diabetes, hypoglycemia and disorders of the major organ systems; food choices and diet planning principles; nutrition prescription for illness; the development and evaluation of nutrition plans; nutrition assessment; the relationship between nutrition and illness; strategies for providing nutritional support for people with serious illness; practical examples in clinical nutrition case studies.

NUT403 Geriatric Nutrition                                   

3 Semester Hour Credits

(Prerequisite: Understanding Nutrition II)

This course explores the role of nutrition in the maintenance of health, the management of chronic conditions, and the treatment of serious illness in the elderly.  Differing points of view in complementary and alternative nutrition practices will also be reviewed and evaluated.

PSY101 Psychology                                                  

3 Semester Hour Credits

The brain, biology and behavior; sensation and reality; memory, intelligence and creativity; conditions and learning; motivation and emotion; health, stress and coping; abnormal psychology; gender, sexuality, social behavior and human relations.