This course explores the information associated with staring your own complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practice.  The student will be able to understand the importance of liability insurance and other insurances, the importance of making a contract, understand marketing strategies, be able to perform a financial plan, complete a tax return, create a business plan,  create a clinic procedure manual, and  apply these concepts through two clinic observations. 

BUS610 Human Resource Management in Healthcare

4 semester hour credits

This course explores ways to effectively utilize and manage the personnel in the healthcare field.  It covers the legal frameworks and the roles and responsibilities of managing the workforce in various health care settings.  Topics include policies and procedures concerning employee recruitment, interviewing, benefits, compensation, performance appraisals, termination, and employee relations

BUS620 Healthcare Marketing

4 Semester Hour Credits

This course will provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively market healthcare products and services.  Fundamental concepts of marketing such as segmentation, the marketing mix, positioning, customer satisfaction and loyalty, and perceived value will be reviewed in the context of health care marketing.  The course also identifies marketing problems, and presents tools and creative strategies for solving these problems.