Exam Instructions and Rules

Huntington University of Health Sciences requires a supervised (proctored) final examination for each course which is completed through Remote Proctor. This is a comprehensive examination that will encompass all material covered in the course.  The purpose of the proctored examination is to verify that the student has a good overall understanding of the subject matter presented in the course, and the student is able to demonstrate the understanding without the aid or assistance from any person, books or outside source whatsoever. The final examination is necessary for all students enrolled in HUHS’s college credit course offerings. To qualify for the proctored final examination, the student must complete all lessons in the course with a grade of C or better. Further regulations regarding the proctored exams are included in each study guide. Students will be required to provide proof of identification to the proctor. The government issued photo identification must match the identification provided at time of enrollment. Student will also need a webcam and microphone for the proctored exams. There is a fee Remote Proctor charges for each final exam.

Go to www.remoteproctor.com for the most up-to-date information about the company proctoring our exams.